Water Handling Systems

Jowa’s water handling system is designed to be able to produce potable water in accordance with the standards laid down by WHO.

We want to provide a solution for the whole process from desalination to potable water.

This involves the following stages: Desalination, Sterilization, Filtering, Pressure boosting, Heating, Combined fresh water units, Handling of Blackwater and Greywater.

Jowa offers two methods for the sterilization of drinking water. One is the UV method, which uses UV light to purify the water. This method kills off all bacteria immediately.

We also have a water purification system that sterilizes the water through the use of silver ions. This product, called Jowa AG-S, has made us world-famous in the shipping industry!

This sterilization method provides long-term protection and is a suitable method for long-term storage of drinking water. Since its introduction in 1970, this unit has been installed in thousands of ships.

Incidentally, sterilizing water with the help of silver is an old and well-tried method that goes all the way back to antiquity. It is completely harmless to humans and animals and the silver ions do not change the taste or smell of the water.

Our fresh water units, FWU are specially designed for the offshore and marine market. We design a custom made unit according to customers specifications, combined with our knowledge and experience.

The unit is easy to install with a compact and flexible design. We mount all equipment on a common frame and do all internal piping and electrical work.

When the unit reaches the customer the only remaining things to do is to connect water inlet and outlets and electrical power supply.

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