Oily Water Treatment

Equipment for treatment of oily water is a product area that is becoming an increasingly important factor in the global ecology. The first separators from the 1970s are very different from the products we offer today.

Our latest generation separator, the 3SEP Oily Water Separator, separate the oily waste from the water in the bilges so that it contains a maximum of only 15 ppm of oil.

The Jowa Emulsion Breaking Unit is designed to break down and separate the emulsified bilge water still further. With this unit coupled to a Jowa 3SEP, an oil discharge of less than 5 ppm can be achieved.

This discharge is equivalent to no more than a tiny amount of oil in a glass of water or only a drop in the ocean.

This is fully in line with our goal of being one step ahead of the mandatory requirements stipulated in MARPOL, the International Convention on the Prevention of Pollution from Ships.

The IMO, the body for marine environment questions, has very stringent requirements when it comes to modern separators. The introduction of IMO’s new regulations in 2005 had a very positive impact on our business.

We received orders from a large number of shipyards and shipping companies for our 3SEP separators.

We can offer a flexible and high-quality solution for the 3SEP separators, which require no more than a simple adjustment to the shipyards’ existing drawings.

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