Straightforward retrofits

Vacuumarator™ pumps can improve the efficiency of any vacuum system without interrupting the ship’s regular operation.

Cost reduction and other benefits
Many cruise ships have retrofitted with Jets, even without interrupting the ship’s regular operation. The Jets solution starts reducing costs as soon as it is in operation. The result is a short payback period, fewer passenger complaints and easier maintenance. No need for anti-foaming chemicals – and great savings in power consumption.

How are Jets™ units installed so easily?
Most of the time we can use the ship’s existing piping to install our new units. Some ships keep their collecting tanks as a buffer, while others remove them entirely to free up valuable space.

Retrofitting a seventies vacuum tank solution
Some replace their old-fashioned vacuum tank units in order to get rid of all the technical problems associated with these first-generation vacuum systems.

Retrofitting an eighties ejector solution using existing collecting tank
Some remove all their ejectors and replace them with one Vacuumarator™ pump module, keeping the circulation tank as a buffer.

Retrofitting an eighties ejector solution bypassing the entire existing system
To free up space, others remove the ejectors and the circulation tank entirely for replacement with Vacuumarator™ pump modules.