Gravity V Vacuum

Design flexibility

  • Smaller space between the decks
  • Substantial savings in materials and construction costs
  • More flexible designs possible
  • Piping independent of gravity: rising pipe and horizontal lines without slope are possible.
  • Easier to position toilets – and lower-deck toilets need no separate pumping station
  • Easier retrofit with less deck penetration
  • Easier compliance with ever stricter international discharge regulations

 Smaller pipes

  • Smaller diameter
  • Lightweight pipes
  • Fewer – and smaller – deck penetrations
  • Lower-cost components

Fewer installation hours

  • Lighter materials mean streamlined handling and reduced installation time
  • Simpler logistics – lower costs
  • Piping can be routed around ducts and other obstacles
  • Can be installed later than gravity piping

Water and sewage benefits

  • Saves precious water and weight on board
  • Less need for freshwater production and storage
  • Allows significantly smaller STP
  • Lower waste volume for the same number of toilets
  • Closed systems keeps sewage gases where they belong
  • No need for ventilation of piping
  • Withstands the roll and pitch of the vessel without risk of water or sewage leakage, even in harsh weather